Thursday, February 4, 2016

Food without Gluten

Gluten (or glue) is the most abundant protein in grains. Gluten is insoluble in water and consequently allows the gluten in the flour paste, turning it into bread dough and creating. Gluten accounts for about 90% of the protein found in grains and consists essentially of two proteins gliadin Glotnin, when sensitive food products containing gluten, including celiac disease, is usually sensitive to gliadin contained in them.
There is a very wide variety of Symptoms of gluten sensitivity include: pallor, abdominal swelling - hence derives its name from the Hebrew "You ruined", weight loss, vomiting, fatigue and more.

Treatment of celiac

Celiac disease is a disease that can be cured and for being an autoimmune disease (autoimmune disease), metabolic, treatment consists primarily of preventive treatments and mostly avoiding food products containing gluten such as cereals, sauces (including soy sauce), vegetable proteins, starch, stabilizers and materials emulsifiers, soup and more. Food products that do not contain gluten often noted that they are free from gluten.

Where to shop gluten-free foods

In recent years, growing awareness of celiac disease and now you can find a plethora of food products that do not contain gluten. Gluten-free food shopping possible different stores and supermarkets throughout the country. Shopping food or food for celiac patients, require strict inspection of product ingredients and seek comment or marking indicating that the product does not contain gluten.
In case you are having food or food products that look innocent and yet there you fear them better to avoid them or alternatively contact the factory that produces them has not yet been consumed. The packaging of food products manufactured in the country there is often a direct phone number where they can answer any questions regarding the product and its components.

A significant improvement in quality of life following the transition to a gluten-free diet
Gluten linked to abdominal swelling and feeling of heaviness even in healthy people who are celiac sufferers, so consumption has become a gluten-free foods and are very popular now a new health trend whereby gluten-free food shopping too common when it comes to healthy people.
Many people attest to the significant improvement in quality of life following the transition to a gluten-free diet including greater vitality and vigor, although a few noted that their sleep deeper and higher quality have been consuming such food products. Some argue that a gluten-free diet helps weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, but found no scientific evidence for these assertions.

Alternative food

Many ads gluten sensitivity has arisen around food establishments and led many companies to produce gluten-free by replacing components "Glotniim" of food preparation or existing or new products are free from gluten. Among the many products can be found in sauces, soup powder, soy breads and pastas made from potatoes. The new health trend, which advocates avoid using products that contain gluten, a large change in perception among the various food manufacturers. You can see more and more gluten-free products that are excellent substitutes for those interested in avoiding gluten.

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